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Watkins Glenn, New York | Graciela & Jesse

Watkins Glenn, New York Wedding

When you're given the opportunity to travel to the stunning and historic Watkins Glenn, New York for a wedding, you don't turn that down! I've never been to the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York and was beyond excited to be able to capture long-time friend Graciela and her husband-to-be, Jesse getting married on the property of Jesse's parents, which borders the historic race track and is just minutes away from the natural wonder that made Watkins Glenn famous in the first place. The wedding day turned out simply incredible thanks to all of their friends, family, music industry, and wedding industry professionals that turned the property into an all-out family lovefest!

Keep scrolling to see how the incredible day turned out and some of my photos from the natural wonder!

Catering: Holy Cow Deli | Website | Facebook

Florist: Ivy Ross | Website | Instagram

Hair & Makeup: Emily Walis | Instagram

Band: The Void Union | Website | Facebook | Instagram

DJ: DJ Ryan Brown | Instagram

Lighting Designer: Vin Pugliese | Vin's Instagram

Tent & Tables: Nolan's Tent Rentals | Website

Getting married? Feel free to reach out to me to chat about your big day!

The morning started off with Graciela and her bridesmaids getting ready in a beautiful house they rented right across the street for Jesse's parents sprawling property. They were transformed by Emily Walis, who is also a talented photographer.

The massive beautiful field with the glacially carved out mountains in the background made for a perfect backdrop for their ceremony. Capturing Jesse's reaction to seeing Graciela for the first time was such a special moment! You can truly see the love!

Right after the ceremony we had a few moments for a quick portrait shoot leading up to the yurt they were going to be sleeping in. Our shoot was cut short by the rain that came in and lasted the rest of the day. Since they live right near Boston, we decided to have another shoot a few months after the wedding at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain in addition to the wedding. I don't mind having photoshoots in the rain, but it's hard to beat hanging out with a couple like these two in a place like that. That is an option I give all my couples in the Boston area; if it rains on the wedding day, we can always have an additional shoot somewhere near by on a nicer day at a later date.

There party was something I've never seen before at a wedding, thanks to the professional lighting design of Vin Pugliese, and the wild collection of characters! Jesse band, The Void Union, kept everyone moving all night, followed by DJ Ryan Brown who played late into the night.

That was one crazy party and celebration of love!

Congratulations Graciela & Jesse on one incredible day no one will forget!

Below is a shot I got from beautiful gorge that is down the road from the wedding site, which has drawn tourists from all over since 1863. It is a 400 foot deep gorge within the Watkins Glen State Park. I can't wait to come back!


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