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You've spent countless hours obsessing over every detail of your wedding day. Friends and family are coming in from all over the country and world to celebrate YOU! Often, this is the only day when this collection of friends and family are together, and you need someone to capture those memories. This is not the day to trust a friend with a nice camera, or someone who is just a hobbyist to immortalize your day. I may be biased, but hiring a professional wedding photographer may be one of the most important decisions you have to make in terms of vendors since, after your incredible day that took months or years of planning is over, all you have left is the photos. 


With every passing anniversary you celebrate, the memories from the day will fade and you’ll have just the moments captured in the photos as a memento of that amazing day. You want someone who will be there from the start of the day until the end so those memories are solidified forever.

Every time you look at your photos you’ll be reminded of your experience with your photographers, so it’s important to choose someone you like as a person and someone who is professional in the delivery of your photos and album. Consider that whether you hire us or any other studio, it’s more important than you’d think. 


One of my mentors (Two Mann Studios) once said “we’re taking photos for people who aren’t even alive yet.” The photos from your wedding day are ones you’ll share with your kids, their kids, and who knows how many generations down the line. That is why it’s our job to capture you in your best light and your memories in a timeless way, as well as make an album from materials that will last for generations.

If we seem like a good fit, shoot me a message and hopefully we can be there to capture one of the

most memorable days of your life!

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