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Harry Potter Themed Massachusetts Wedding | Adam & Kevin

Falmouth Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Harry Potter Themed Wedding

You might have seen themed weddings before, but you've never seen anything like Adam & Kevin's Harry Potter wedding, I guarantee it! It's impossible to comprehend how much time they put into every single detail for the guests to have the most immersive experience possible at the Fairhaven Unitarian Memorial Church.

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As guests arrive at the church, they are instantly transported into Hogwarts. The church was specifically picked for it's medieval gothic architecture and details resembling the books and movies. The dramatic lighting from the stained glass window and chandeliers gave the ceremony the perfect mood you'd expect in a J.K. Rawling novel. Their ceremony was simply stunning and heartfelt. You could feel the happiness everyone had for them overwhelming the cathedral!

Following the ceremony, each guest was handed their very own one of a kind handmade wand. As they continued into the church, The Great Hall of Hogwarts opens up adorned with candelabras, themed cookies and floating candles above the head table.

Along the perimeter of the dance floor were tables with countless other Hogwarts goodies such as the enchanted flying keys in a bird cage, Fawkes the Phoenix on a perch, The Monster Book, several Mandrake plants, racks of glassware full of ingredients and potions, and dozens of other detailed goodies. A life sized Dobby holding a sock stood next to the fireplace, which was full of acceptance letters to Hogwarts. There was also a massive hippogriff outside that looked like it came straight off the movie set! Also, their signature drink was a huge hit. It was a Sangria, courtesy of The Bartending Services of New England, but with some dry ice thrown in to give a fun smoky effect.

Adam is a cake maker and decorator by profession, so their cake HAD to be epic, and epic it was! The cake was topped with a smoke breathing Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon! What made the whole endeavored even more amazing is that almost every item was made and decorated by Adam! Truly remarkable!

As you can see from the photos, these two were meant for each other. The photos we got from our shoot around the church and at the nearby Fairhaven High School at sunset tied the whole day together perfectly. You'd think we'd have to go to Europe to see such architecture.

Congratulations to Adam & Kevin on one of the most unique weddings we've had the pleasure of capturing!

Venue: Unitarian Memorial Church of Fairhaven, MA | Website

Catering: DeAvila's Catering | Website | Instagram | Facebook

Desserts and Decorations: Adam Gonsalves

Alcohol: The Bartending Service of New England | Website | Instagram

Harry Potter Themed Wedding Photos


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