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Maudslay State Park Newburyport, Massachusetts Engagement Session | Alin & Dillon

Maudslay State Park Newburyport, Massachusetts Engagement Shoot

Alin & Dillon reinforced why I love photographing couples so much. Beautiful forest of Maudslay State Park of Newburyport, Massachusetts, check. Incredible New England foliage, check. Most importantly, a fun-loving couple who adore each other, CHECK!

Maudslay State Park is a former estate about 40 minutes north of Boston that overlooks 2 rivers with amazing views, an endless variety of trees that provide breathtaking scenery no matter where you venture. There is a cute old bridge, a miniature pond teeming with color, rolling hills, open meadows, and beautiful sprawls of colorful underbrush which all provided us the opportunity to capture their love for one another in a fun and vibrant way.

In our 2 hours of exploring the park, we covered just a sliver of the 480-acre park while being mostly secluded from any crowds. The window of peak foliage is often quite small, yet we nailed it. The resulting images we created truly speak for themselves!

Their wedding at the Ipswich Country Club was equally as stunning! That blog post will be coming soon!

Maudslay State Park | Website | Instagram

Maudslay State Park Newburyport, Massachusetts Photos

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